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Episode 7: Relationships 101 – A Man’s Perspective

Episode 7: Relationships 101 – A Man’s Perspective

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The ladies are in disbelief following the 2016 election results, and discuss the electoral college problem. Joan and Assata try to convince Tonza that the 1995 film, “Friday” is indeed, a CLASSIC. Pete Ward, of Bowie MD, shares what he thinks are the hallmarks of a successful marriage!

1:40 – You can be a professional and still let your hair down!

3:40 – Post election reactions (and disbelief). The election is over and we get that. We just did not really expect Hillary to lose! Both candidates were flawed. The electoral college and the popular vote told two different stories.

10:05 – There’s going to be a Million Woman March on January 21, 2017 in Washington DC. Meet us there!

10:50 – Assata and Joan aren’t trying to hear Tonza’s plea to regain her black card… because YES, Friday is an African-American Classic film! As it stands, We don’t know when (if ever) she’ll get it back.

25:26 – Pete Ward of Bowie MD, schools the ladies on what he thinks makes a successful marriage!

40:50 – According to Pete (a Republican), Donald Trump being elected as President of the United States, is actually a good thing for African-Americans.

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