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Daily Archives:November 8, 2016

This Week on Episode 6: The Cougar That Preys

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The cougar episode: What is “Cougardom” and are you hunting or are you the prey? Have you ever approached a guy? The ladies explain these and a lot moreĀ on Episode 6!
Show Notes

1:20 – It’s “cuffing season”. It’s the time of year when people look to settle into the cold and into a relationship.

3:15 – What is “cougardom?” Are there levels to it? We found several definitions of a cougar and shared them. We discussed the reasons for dating younger men and whether or not it’s acceptable. We also took turns revealing our own views on the concept. Some women look for maturity first and the age difference is secondary.

18:25 – What is a MILF? Check out which one of us is the prime target!

19:30 – Hunting – it is totally okay for a woman to hunt for a companion. There are both assertive, and passive ways to get the dialogue going.

20:20 – Are men afraid or are we unapproachable?

25:15 – We all have different perspectives and experiences when it comes to approaching men. Tonza and Assata are quite reserved. Joan – not so much! Therefore, you have a choice: either wait to be approached, or go after what you want. If you want to be approached, then put yourself in a position to have dialogue or make eye contact.

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