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Monthly Archives:October 2016

Episode 5: The Truth About Interracial Dating

This week, we asked our listeners what they really thought about interracial dating. Their answers may surprise you! We’ll break down how to know if he’s really into you, Assata recalls her white college experience, and Tonza & Joan share their stories about divorce.

Episode 4: Dude! Take off My Dress!!!

Tonza gets her Black Card back (for now), Joan gets sensitive, and Assata lays down the law! In this episode, the ladies address Young Thug (in a dress), the HB2 Bill and what it REALLY means for the State of North Carolina, and the importance of voting in your local, state, and national elections.

Episode 3: You Do Not Have The Right to Be Angry

The ladies get together to discuss faux (pronounced fo) locs, Gabrielle Union’s lawsuit, Ciara got dissed by the judge, the Right to be (or not) an angry Black Woman, and the Mailbag!

Episode 2: Dial it Down girl!

This week, we’re talking Donald Trump, vegan diets, bad advice from friends, and how soon is too soon??? This podcast will be produced every week for your enjoyment. Show notes are found at www.thesocialjugg.com/sistanomics. d8tn48cj

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