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EP 10: Men, You’ve Got to Prime The Well

Men, keep your relationship spicy: prime the well!

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In order to keep your relationship spicy, you’ve got to prime the well (if you expect the water to flow freely). Kanye West sought medical attention, and it was the right thing to do. Mental illness is most prevalent among African-Americans. Why are we among the last ones to get help? Listen to find out what Sistanomics says is the culprit.

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Episode 9: What Are Your Non Negotiables in Relationships?

What Are Your Non Negotiables?

The ladies get together to examine their “non negotiables” in relationships and explain why everyone needs a list! They reflect on Thanksgiving and Black Friday and reveal how they met and what led to the birth of Sistanomics.

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1:10 – Assata says that Black Friday is the most wonderful time of the year. Tonza does not participate, while Joan only wants Black Friday to begin on FRIDAY.

2:30 – What do vegans do on Thanksgiving?

4:30 – Here we reveal how the three of us met. Listen as we tell all! Two us of met in high school and would later keep the third one out of jail (sort of)!

11:59 – What led to the birth of Sistanomics? A divorce, a painful marital separation, intense counselling, and lots and lots of wine!

13:44 – Is Assata guilty of Dog Colorism? Joan and Tonza think so!

17:09 – What are non negotiables and why should everyone have a list? When do they kick in after you’ve begun the dating process? Make sure the person you’re dating meets your requirements before you get in to deep! You cannot make him or her be the one.

Sistanomics21:10 – You must also be true to yourself. Be realistic about what expectations you can meet in a relationship. Sending the representative on the first few dates will set you up for failure every time. Be honest about what you can, and cannot bring to the table.

23:48 – Tonza, Assata, and Joan each tell what their non negotiables are in relationships. Listen to find out which one of us requires honesty, who requires strength and support, and who absolutely cannot tolerate effeminacy (The quality or state of (a man or boy) having traits, tastes, habits, etc., traditionally considered feminine, as softness or delicacy.)!

35:52 – Apply Dr. Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages to measure compatibility in romantic relationships and marriages, friendships, and career affiliations. You would be surprised how much a simple quiz can shed new light on why you and your partner and totally in sync – or not.


Episode 8: Colorism: Discrimination Amongst Ourselves

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The co hosts of Sistanomics take a deeper dive into colorism. Two special guests (Denise Williams Cherry and Thomas Askew) join us to share their stories about how colorism affected their childhoods and still affects their lives today.

Live Feed 11/15/16 – Colorism: Does it Still Exist?




  1. US
    prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group:
    “colorism within the black community has been a serious emotional and psychological battle”

Episode 7: Relationships 101 – A Man’s Perspective

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The ladies are in disbelief following the 2016 election results, and discuss the electoral college problem. Joan and Assata try to convince Tonza that the 1995 film, “Friday” is indeed, a CLASSIC. Pete Ward, of Bowie MD, shares what he thinks are the hallmarks of a successful marriage!

1:40 – You can be a professional and still let your hair down!

3:40 – Post election reactions (and disbelief). The election is over and we get that. We just did not really expect Hillary to lose! Both candidates were flawed. The electoral college and the popular vote told two different stories.

10:05 – There’s going to be a Million Woman March on January 21, 2017 in Washington DC. Meet us there!

10:50 – Assata and Joan aren’t trying to hear Tonza’s plea to regain her black card… because YES, Friday is an African-American Classic film! As it stands, We don’t know when (if ever) she’ll get it back.

25:26 – Pete Ward of Bowie MD, schools the ladies on what he thinks makes a successful marriage!

40:50 – According to Pete (a Republican), Donald Trump being elected as President of the United States, is actually a good thing for African-Americans.

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This Week on Episode 6: The Cougar That Preys

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The cougar episode: What is “Cougardom” and are you hunting or are you the prey? Have you ever approached a guy? The ladies explain these and a lot more on Episode 6!
Show Notes

1:20 – It’s “cuffing season”. It’s the time of year when people look to settle into the cold and into a relationship.

3:15 – What is “cougardom?” Are there levels to it? We found several definitions of a cougar and shared them. We discussed the reasons for dating younger men and whether or not it’s acceptable. We also took turns revealing our own views on the concept. Some women look for maturity first and the age difference is secondary.

18:25 – What is a MILF? Check out which one of us is the prime target!

19:30 – Hunting – it is totally okay for a woman to hunt for a companion. There are both assertive, and passive ways to get the dialogue going.

20:20 – Are men afraid or are we unapproachable?

25:15 – We all have different perspectives and experiences when it comes to approaching men. Tonza and Assata are quite reserved. Joan – not so much! Therefore, you have a choice: either wait to be approached, or go after what you want. If you want to be approached, then put yourself in a position to have dialogue or make eye contact.

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Episode 1: What is Sistanomics? / Be Empowered

Welcome to the first EVER episode of SISTANOMICS! Joan defines the mission and vision for the show.


Episode 5: The Truth About Interracial Dating

This week, we asked our listeners what they really thought about interracial dating. Their answers may surprise you! We’ll break down how to know if he’s really into you, Assata recalls her white college experience, and Tonza & Joan share their stories about divorce.

Episode 4: Dude! Take off My Dress!!!

Tonza gets her Black Card back (for now), Joan gets sensitive, and Assata lays down the law! In this episode, the ladies address Young Thug (in a dress), the HB2 Bill and what it REALLY means for the State of North Carolina, and the importance of voting in your local, state, and national elections.

Episode 3: You Do Not Have The Right to Be Angry

The ladies get together to discuss faux (pronounced fo) locs, Gabrielle Union’s lawsuit, Ciara got dissed by the judge, the Right to be (or not) an angry Black Woman, and the Mailbag!

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