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The Ladies

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Assata Buffaloe

The Analyst: Assata is a criminal defense attorney in Eastern North Carolina. She is a meticulous fact-checker, and a legal expert. In addition to her family, her two great loves are the law, and education.

Tonza Ruffin Buffaloe

The Pusher: Tonza is a single mother, daughter, and attorney living in Eastern North Carolina. She is a change agent, who specializes in moving mountains, rather than climbing them.

Joan Sharpe McCullough

The Wizard: Joan is a public educator by day and a digital media entrepreneur by night. She is the producer of the show, and is very passionate about using her voice and life experiences for the good of the world.

Our Latest Episodes

Sistanomics Podcast

EP 10: Men, You’ve Got to Prime The Well

Men, keep your relationship spicy: prime the well! Click to Listen In order to keep your relationship spicy, you’ve got to prime the well (if you expect the water to flow freely). Kanye West sought medical attention, and it was the right thing to do. Mental illness is most prevalent among African-Americans. Why are we […]

Episode 9: What Are Your Non Negotiables in Relationships?

What Are Your Non Negotiables? The ladies get together to examine their “non negotiables” in relationships and explain why everyone needs a list! They reflect on Thanksgiving and Black Friday¬†and reveal how they met and what led to the birth of Sistanomics. Click to Listen 1:10 – Assata says that Black Friday is the most […]

Episode 8: Colorism: Discrimination Amongst Ourselves

Click to Listen The co hosts of Sistanomics take a deeper dive into colorism. Two special guests (Denise Williams Cherry and Thomas Askew) join us to share their stories about how colorism affected their childhoods and still affects their lives today.

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